Tuesday, 21 January 2014

What's in My (Day-Time) Make Up Bag

This is probably one of thee most common blog posts in the world of beauty blogging, and I just had to jump on the band wagon.

I love reading other 'what's in my make up bag' posts and I hope you enjoy mine too. I must however apologise for the quality of my photo; being new to the blogging scene means I am still taking photographs on my phone and awkwardly holding a lamp in an attempt to brighten the image- hence the awful shadows.

The image below shows what I am currently using on a day-to-day basis. I do tweak parts of my routine regularly, but rather than show you a huge, confusing amount of items, I have decided to limit myself to what I am actually using at the moment. My night time make up varies from what is shown below- I plan to do a separate post on that. I also haven't included the brushes that I use to apply my make up, as I plan to do a separate post on this also!

So, let us get into the good stuff…

The Bag
Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden (Boots)
I purchased this bag in the boxing day sales this year, I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know the bag was reduced in price by 50%. It came with around 6 travel sized goodies inside, which is a bonus for me as I have a strange obsession for travel sized toiletries, but I primarily made the purchase because I liked the look and size of the bag.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation (Boots, £12.99)
I have been using this foundation for years and years! I often see the max factor false last effect mascara talked about in the blogging world, and I find myself pondering over why I have never seen a review on this little gem of a product. This foundation is available in 6 shades and I go for shade 'Golden 75'. Although a little pricer than other popular drug store foundations, I think this one is well worth the extra pennies! This is the only drug store foundation I will use and I love it so much that I am never tempted to even try an alternative that is being raved about by fellow bloggers. It gives a perfect amount of coverage and lasts extremely well. If you have never tried this foundation, I strongly suggest you do! There is a lot more I could say about this product, but I plan on doing a full review, so be sure to stayed tuned for that!

Estee Lauder Double Wear (£28.50)
This product does now appear predominately in my night time make up routine as I find it too 'heavy duty' for a day-time look. However, I still wanted to include it in this post as I occasionally treat my face to a light sweeping of this stuff if I have a lot of time to get ready and I want a more 'done' look to my make-up. This product is available in a HUGE range of shades, I think it is actually 31 shade options in total, but I opt for the shade 'Wheat 38'. This product is described as having a 15 hour staying power and I could not agree more- I am yet to come across a foundation with better staying power in fact! The coverage is described as being medium, however I would be inclined to say it is on the heavier side of the scale. I find this foundation to look very thick when on the skin and it is for this reason that I tend to by-pass it within my daily routine, however, for the night time I feel it provides the skin with a perfect flawless finish.

Soleil Tan De Chanel, Universal Bronzer (£31.00)
This is another product that tends to appear more in my night time make up routine, however I do wear this alone during the day, especially if I am in a rush to get ready. I just love this stuff, and I'm guessing  half of the UK population also loves it, as it seems to be forever sold out in stores here! And then when stores do get the product back in stock, it flies off the shelves again within a flash! This product is described as being a 'cream-gel bronzer' and the consistency of it does require some getting used to! However, when applied correctly, this product gives a beautiful sun kissed glow to the skin when worn alone, or can provide a more flawless finish when built up with other products.

Face Powders
Les Beiges De Chanel, Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (£38.00)
This is the newest addition to my make-up routine and I am so glad I have found it! After using my Mums at christmas, I just had to have it. The product is available in 5 shades, and mine is shade 'No 30'. The beauty of this product is that it can be used as an all over powder or a cheek bronzer- just select your shade accordingly. I tend to use mine as a bronzer for the cheeks, however I have also been known to use it as an all over face powder! I think the product sits perfectly on the skin, without giving it that 'orange, cakey' look that so many bronzers do!

Hoola Bronzer, Benefit (£23.50)
Another firm favourite of mine! Having received my first box of this at age 13, I have never looked back. I simply sweep this product all over my face and it provides me with a perfect matte, bronzed look to the skin. I feel the popularity of this product can be matched to that of the Nars Laguna Bronzer, but for me Benefit wins the battle hands down! There is not much more to say about this product other than, buy it, try it, love it!

Rimmel London, Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Volume & Lift Mascara
Annoyingly, I can't quite remember the exact price of this product and I can't find it on the boots website either! Anyway, this is another product that has been consistent in my make-up bag for years! I would compare the results it gives to that of the Benefit They're Real mascara, however I do tend to repurchase this Rimmel dupe, rather than forking out for the Benefit one. Having long lashes naturally is a bonus because most mascaras work well for me, however if you're looking for a separated and lengthened lash look, this one is a must try. I love it!

Naked Palette, Urban Decay (£36.00)
Ahh, the ever famous, ever beautiful Naked palettes. I am not a wearer of eye shadow in the day, but recently I have been using my Naked palette to fill in my eye brows. Although I have all 3 of the Naked palettes, I find myself returning to the original time and time again. If you have never tried any of the Naked palettes, you must first ask yourself where you have been hiding?! And then promptly take yourself out and purchase on of these beauties! My normal 'go to' for eyebrows is the Benefit Brow Zings, but mine has crumbled and with little pennies to buy a new one, I now use either shade Buck or Naked from my palette. I actually prefer this to the Brow Zings, as it made me realise that the Brow Zings I was using was too dark. Over all, a truly beautiful, amazing, drool-worth beauty product.

Chanel Le Crayon Khol, Intense Eye Pencil (£17.00)
£17 for an eyeliner?! I hear you cry. Well my friend, this magic pencil is well worth the price tag. I have used this product for years (are you sensing a theme here?) and have never felt the need to try an alternative. I prefer minimalistic eyes in the day and this liner is perfect when used in the water line. For a more dramatic look I use this pencil to line the upper lashes, however you must ensure it is very sharp before hand. The liner comes with a sharpener which is perfect for me because I am always loosing them! Described as having 'a soft, gentle texture for quick and easy application. This liner gives an intense effect, with optimum coverage and perfect hold.' What more could you want? If you're looking for a smooth, pigmented, intense pencil liner, then look no further!

Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)
This is a new addition to my make-up collection, after hearing so many beauty bloggers loving this product, I had to give it a try. My usual go-to concealers are Benefit Boi-ing and the Benefit Fake Up, but when I heard so many good things about the Lasting Perfection Concealer, for a fraction of the price, I couldn't say no! I opted for shade Medium 3 and either wear the product under or over my foundation. Now, I am still in the early stages of trying this product and I would have to admit that it doesn't particularly excite me. However, I am not a huge concealer user, so it would take a hell of a lot for me to be excited about any concealer. But it does the job and I'd say its worth a try because it is such a good price! Annoyingly, the print on the outside of the product rubs off easily, so during my first few times of use, my hands were covered in black ink from twisting the lid off! I will have to use the product a few more times before I can give an opinion, so treat this as somewhat of a 'first impression'.

Sally Hansen, Miracle Cure Strengthener
Working as a waitress really takes its toll on my nails. I have weak nails anyway, but my grimy job means there is no point in painting them any more because they just get dirty and chipped anyway. In an attempt to grow and strengthen my nails, I have recently started using this product, but I must admit I have seen little change in the quality of my nails. The only improvement is that, as promised, the product does prevent my nails from peeling. But 50% stronger nails in 3 days?! I think not! There are so many Sally Hansen products that I find choosing the right one to be over whelming. So if you have any recommendations on strengtheners and lengtheners that really work, please let me know!

Soap & Glory, Bright Here Bright Now Instant- Radiance Energy Balm (£9.00)
I think this product may have been repackaged, as I can only find it in a pink and white bottle on the website. However, I love this stuff! The product can be used as a moisturiser or mixed in with your make up. I opt to treat it as a moisturiser. The balm-like texture means my make-up sits beautifully on top of the product and it prevents my brushes from tugging at my skin, as they just glide over the product. It leaves my skin looking dewy and highlighted under my foundation and helps prevent it from looking 'cakey'. If you're looking for a quick and easy radiance boost, I'd definitely recommend this!

Lucas' Papaw Ointment
All the way from Australia! They say that 1 in 5 Australians will have a tube of this stuff in their hands and I can now see why! If, like me, you have ever seen someone with this mighty red tube in their hand and thought 'what on earth is that', well let me explain… Described as being 'a local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash'. This stuff doesn't sound too glamorous, but when used on the lips it is an absolute dream! Working in a outdoor restaurant in the middle of the British winter means I have extremely dry lips! I have tried numerous products such as blistex, vaseline and nivea but I think my lips become dependant on the product, in turn making them worse. It was only when my friend from Australia brought this stuff back for me that I was reunited with my soft lips! I'm not sure if you can buy this product in the UK, but have any of you tried it?

Well guys, there you have it! Another ridiculously long post from me! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I didn't send you to sleep :)
Please leave a comment if you have tried any of the products that are featured in my make-up routine. Did you love them as much as I do?

Until next time, xo


  1. Gorgeous post! You have some amazing products, really really want to try the Urban Decay palette!!

    I have a new post up about Valentines gifts, would love it if you could check it out!



  2. so jealous of your chanel products, the bronzer is on my to buy list! I have double wear too, but I don't wear it on nights out because in pictures I feel like it makes me look really washed out - I think it's something to do with the SPF! The staying power and coverage is amazing though I do agree!

    www.champagnetote.blogspot.co.uk X