Monday 15 September 2014

Sober for October?

Okay, admittedly I suck at blogging. I have been so busy lately and I feel like I have lost my 'blogging mojo'.

I think my blog is messy and unorganised and I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this? Please guys, any tips on how to tidy up my blog would be greatly appreciated.

I may even start the whole blog all over again…

But anyway, down to business.

I have signed up to sober october and would like to ask all you lovely people to make a kind donation to support me and also to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

My main motivation behind signing up is that I need to save a little money and want to feel a little healthier. So I thought, why not help out a great cause along the way?

If you want to donate, you can do that here:

All donations are greatly appreciated, large or small!


Friday 7 March 2014

My London Essentials

To mark my '6 months since moving to London' anniversary, I thought I'd do a post on my London Essentials. Since moving, I have come across a number of things to help make my day a little easier and I now find myself wondering how I'd ever live without them!
1. Citymapper 
This is a absolutely essential app and it totally trumps google maps! The app is 'live' which means it can tell you a number of ways to get to your destination, including which tube or bus to take. What I really love about it, is that it tells you when your next bus/tube is due! Gone are the days of waiting at the bus stop for 25 minutes :) When I hear tourists in work struggling over a London map, I take great pride in telling them to download this little gem of an app!

2. A Backpack
Luckily for us fashionista's, backpacks are currently on trend. I used to struggle around the underground with my tote bags and handbags, but after receiving a backpack for christmas, my life has been changed! I no longer get 'hand bag induced' back ache and my daily journeys are truly a lot easier!

3. Trainers/ Sneakers
Another item that is luckily on trend at the moment! Now, before I moved to London, I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of trainers anywhere other than the gym! But with Nike releasing their 'neon' collection, I couldn't resist. I am now four pairs in and honestly haven't looked back. Although there is vast transport links around London, for most, a great deal of walking is involved in our day-to-day routines. Having a good quality, comfortable pair of trainers is not only good for your feet, but makes getting around London easier and faster too!

4. A Portable Phone Charger
Most days, I am out of the house for at least 11 hours, and as we all know, were lucky if an iPhone battery lasts 11 minutes! This is where I would highly recommend purchasing a portable charger- you don't want to be stuck in the middle of London at 11pm without access to your city mapper app now do you??!

5. Kindle/ Book/ iPad
Those 16 minutes on the tube without phone service can be torturous, so this is where you need to channel your inner book worm and purchase something to read! I love reading and it really passes the time during commutes! If you're interested in what books I'd recommend, comment below and I'll do a post on it :)

6. Oyster Card Holder
There it nothing worse than being stuck behind a tourist, blocking the gate, fumbling through their bag for their ticket. So please, don't be that person and purchase yourself a cute and convenient oyster card holder :) I actually keep my card in the back of my phone case, because my phone is always in my hand, so I just put my phone up to the Oyster card reader.

Until next time, xo

Thursday 6 February 2014

Valentine Inspiration

The 14th February is nearly upon us, and although I myself am not a fan of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share some gift ideas with those of you who are. Whether these be gifts you hint to your significant other about, or gifts you treat yourself to!

1. Liz Earle, Skin Care
I am a forever faithful customer to anything that Liz Earle has to offer. Their Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleaner is truly amazing and is also high reviewed in the blogging realm. I would recommend and of their 'try me' kits to anyone who hasn't tried Liz Earle products before! They're a perfect size, beautifully presented and a perfect Valentine treat!

2. Lush, Massage Bar
Who doesn't love Lush? Seriously, get past the overwhelming smell in the store and you're on to a winner! As Valentine's Day is all about treating your loved one, I'd suggest a trip to your nearest Lush store and picking up a variety of their massage bars. They all smell great, feel great and will help with the romance on Valentine's!

3. Moschino, Phone Case
Possibly the most unconventional of my present ideas, but what isn't to love about the cute phone cases that Moschino has to offer? My favourite is the bunny rabbit and I for one would be very happy to receive this! It's cute and practical!

4. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Time to get creative! Nothing says 'I love you' like a home-made treat! All you need it strawberries, melted chocolate and sprinkles. Easy, p-easy and oh so lovely!

5. Yankee Candle
Candles are an essential for any Valentine's Day! I'd say Yankee are the candle kings and with their limited edition Valentine scents, you can't go wrong! I'm thinking massage bar, chocolate strawberries and a few yankee candles?! 

6. Laura Mercier, Soufflé Body Crème
I have never tried any Laura Mercier products myself, however after hearing about them through blogging, I took a trip to Space NK and all I can say is mmmmmmm! Although a little pricey, these beauties are definitely on my wish list! They smell unlike anything else!

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick stop tour of my top Valentine treats! 
Until next time, xo

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Liebster Award!

Now, here is a post I truly did not expect to be doing! But here I am, after a nomination from the lovely Esmé. Thank you so much for nominating me doll!

The Liebster Awards are something I have seen a lot in the blogging world recently. The awards are given by bloggers to bloggers. The idea is that they replicate a chain letter and aim to promote new blogs with less than 200 followers.

The Nitty Gritty:
1. Mention the person who nominated you, and link their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions they have asked you.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create a new set of 11 questions for your nominees.

So, Below are the questions that Esmé has asked me:
1) Why did you start your blog?
I have been reading beauty and fashion blogs for a long time and always wanted to start one. It was only when I became a student at London College of Fashion that I felt confident enough to do so!

2) Favourite item of clothing for spring?

Probably a pair of coloured jeans! I am not one for bare legs in the day time, so my wardrobe is full of different coloured jeans! I'm predicting pastels will be in this spring (watch this space!).

3) What are you top five beauty and fashion blogs (add in links)

I have loads! I will link them below within my 11 nominations :)

4) What is the most beautiful place you have been too?

I have travelled a lot! Italy is beautiful, and so is New York. I'd have to say the Cayman Islands, where I lived for two and a half years wins for me though. It's a typical image of a picturesque tropical island with clear water and golden, sandy beaches!

5) High waisted jeans or low waisted?

High, but not too high! Being a 90's kid meant that when I was younger, I wore my jeans as low as possible! I now hate this! I am forever pulling them up!

6) What is your favourite healthy snack.

As I am trying to be healthy for the new year, I have many healthy snacks that I'm currently enjoying! I fred sweet and salted popcorn as my 'cheat' snack, because its tasty but still more healthy than crisps or chocolate! I am also enjoying home made tiziki with wholemeal pitta bread.

7) Most embarrassing story?

I'm sure their are hundreds, but none spring to mind! I am quite a clumsy person so it probably entails me falling over.

8) What is your pet peeve when it comes to personalities?

Selfish people, who always want their own way really annoy me.

9) Do you have a holy-grail makeup product if so what is it?

I wouldn't say I have a holy-grail product, however if you were to ask me what product I would choose if I could only wear one thing, I'd say mascara. It completely transforms the look of a persons face and accentuates their best feature!

10)Which handbag/purse do you use?

At the moment I'm loving back-packs! I think they're essential when living in London (I plan to do a post on 'London Essentials' so be sure to keep your eyes out for it). My purse is a leather juicy couture one that I've used for years! I don't normally like juicy couture because of the velour, however I love my leather purse and you'd never know it was juicy!

11)If you owned a bat, what would you call it?

I'd choose something beginning with a B. Like Barry the Bat!

My nominations are:
1. The Red Lipstick Blues
2. FashionistaDigital
3. Life is Sweet
4. So What's Fashion About? 
5. JhinkyGstyle 
6. Beauty And Whit 
7. Lazy Thoughts 
8. withlovealana 
9. Torbsclaire 
10. Sophie Louisa Dring 
11. Ems Beauty

My Questions to you:
1. Topshop or Urban Outfitters?
2. What would your dream beauty purchase be, if money were no object?
3. Favourite designer brand?
4. Favourite make-up product?
5. Why did you decide to start a blog?
6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
7. Are you a splurgier or a saver?
8. Any holidays planned this year?
9. How old are you?
10. Name 5 wardrobe staples
11. Did you find any 'wow factor' purchases in the January sales?

Until next time, xo

What's in My (Day-Time) Make Up Bag

This is probably one of thee most common blog posts in the world of beauty blogging, and I just had to jump on the band wagon.

I love reading other 'what's in my make up bag' posts and I hope you enjoy mine too. I must however apologise for the quality of my photo; being new to the blogging scene means I am still taking photographs on my phone and awkwardly holding a lamp in an attempt to brighten the image- hence the awful shadows.

The image below shows what I am currently using on a day-to-day basis. I do tweak parts of my routine regularly, but rather than show you a huge, confusing amount of items, I have decided to limit myself to what I am actually using at the moment. My night time make up varies from what is shown below- I plan to do a separate post on that. I also haven't included the brushes that I use to apply my make up, as I plan to do a separate post on this also!

So, let us get into the good stuff…

The Bag
Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden (Boots)
I purchased this bag in the boxing day sales this year, I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I know the bag was reduced in price by 50%. It came with around 6 travel sized goodies inside, which is a bonus for me as I have a strange obsession for travel sized toiletries, but I primarily made the purchase because I liked the look and size of the bag.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation (Boots, £12.99)
I have been using this foundation for years and years! I often see the max factor false last effect mascara talked about in the blogging world, and I find myself pondering over why I have never seen a review on this little gem of a product. This foundation is available in 6 shades and I go for shade 'Golden 75'. Although a little pricer than other popular drug store foundations, I think this one is well worth the extra pennies! This is the only drug store foundation I will use and I love it so much that I am never tempted to even try an alternative that is being raved about by fellow bloggers. It gives a perfect amount of coverage and lasts extremely well. If you have never tried this foundation, I strongly suggest you do! There is a lot more I could say about this product, but I plan on doing a full review, so be sure to stayed tuned for that!

Estee Lauder Double Wear (£28.50)
This product does now appear predominately in my night time make up routine as I find it too 'heavy duty' for a day-time look. However, I still wanted to include it in this post as I occasionally treat my face to a light sweeping of this stuff if I have a lot of time to get ready and I want a more 'done' look to my make-up. This product is available in a HUGE range of shades, I think it is actually 31 shade options in total, but I opt for the shade 'Wheat 38'. This product is described as having a 15 hour staying power and I could not agree more- I am yet to come across a foundation with better staying power in fact! The coverage is described as being medium, however I would be inclined to say it is on the heavier side of the scale. I find this foundation to look very thick when on the skin and it is for this reason that I tend to by-pass it within my daily routine, however, for the night time I feel it provides the skin with a perfect flawless finish.

Soleil Tan De Chanel, Universal Bronzer (£31.00)
This is another product that tends to appear more in my night time make up routine, however I do wear this alone during the day, especially if I am in a rush to get ready. I just love this stuff, and I'm guessing  half of the UK population also loves it, as it seems to be forever sold out in stores here! And then when stores do get the product back in stock, it flies off the shelves again within a flash! This product is described as being a 'cream-gel bronzer' and the consistency of it does require some getting used to! However, when applied correctly, this product gives a beautiful sun kissed glow to the skin when worn alone, or can provide a more flawless finish when built up with other products.

Face Powders
Les Beiges De Chanel, Healthy Glow Sheer Powder (£38.00)
This is the newest addition to my make-up routine and I am so glad I have found it! After using my Mums at christmas, I just had to have it. The product is available in 5 shades, and mine is shade 'No 30'. The beauty of this product is that it can be used as an all over powder or a cheek bronzer- just select your shade accordingly. I tend to use mine as a bronzer for the cheeks, however I have also been known to use it as an all over face powder! I think the product sits perfectly on the skin, without giving it that 'orange, cakey' look that so many bronzers do!

Hoola Bronzer, Benefit (£23.50)
Another firm favourite of mine! Having received my first box of this at age 13, I have never looked back. I simply sweep this product all over my face and it provides me with a perfect matte, bronzed look to the skin. I feel the popularity of this product can be matched to that of the Nars Laguna Bronzer, but for me Benefit wins the battle hands down! There is not much more to say about this product other than, buy it, try it, love it!

Rimmel London, Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Volume & Lift Mascara
Annoyingly, I can't quite remember the exact price of this product and I can't find it on the boots website either! Anyway, this is another product that has been consistent in my make-up bag for years! I would compare the results it gives to that of the Benefit They're Real mascara, however I do tend to repurchase this Rimmel dupe, rather than forking out for the Benefit one. Having long lashes naturally is a bonus because most mascaras work well for me, however if you're looking for a separated and lengthened lash look, this one is a must try. I love it!

Naked Palette, Urban Decay (£36.00)
Ahh, the ever famous, ever beautiful Naked palettes. I am not a wearer of eye shadow in the day, but recently I have been using my Naked palette to fill in my eye brows. Although I have all 3 of the Naked palettes, I find myself returning to the original time and time again. If you have never tried any of the Naked palettes, you must first ask yourself where you have been hiding?! And then promptly take yourself out and purchase on of these beauties! My normal 'go to' for eyebrows is the Benefit Brow Zings, but mine has crumbled and with little pennies to buy a new one, I now use either shade Buck or Naked from my palette. I actually prefer this to the Brow Zings, as it made me realise that the Brow Zings I was using was too dark. Over all, a truly beautiful, amazing, drool-worth beauty product.

Chanel Le Crayon Khol, Intense Eye Pencil (£17.00)
£17 for an eyeliner?! I hear you cry. Well my friend, this magic pencil is well worth the price tag. I have used this product for years (are you sensing a theme here?) and have never felt the need to try an alternative. I prefer minimalistic eyes in the day and this liner is perfect when used in the water line. For a more dramatic look I use this pencil to line the upper lashes, however you must ensure it is very sharp before hand. The liner comes with a sharpener which is perfect for me because I am always loosing them! Described as having 'a soft, gentle texture for quick and easy application. This liner gives an intense effect, with optimum coverage and perfect hold.' What more could you want? If you're looking for a smooth, pigmented, intense pencil liner, then look no further!

Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19)
This is a new addition to my make-up collection, after hearing so many beauty bloggers loving this product, I had to give it a try. My usual go-to concealers are Benefit Boi-ing and the Benefit Fake Up, but when I heard so many good things about the Lasting Perfection Concealer, for a fraction of the price, I couldn't say no! I opted for shade Medium 3 and either wear the product under or over my foundation. Now, I am still in the early stages of trying this product and I would have to admit that it doesn't particularly excite me. However, I am not a huge concealer user, so it would take a hell of a lot for me to be excited about any concealer. But it does the job and I'd say its worth a try because it is such a good price! Annoyingly, the print on the outside of the product rubs off easily, so during my first few times of use, my hands were covered in black ink from twisting the lid off! I will have to use the product a few more times before I can give an opinion, so treat this as somewhat of a 'first impression'.

Sally Hansen, Miracle Cure Strengthener
Working as a waitress really takes its toll on my nails. I have weak nails anyway, but my grimy job means there is no point in painting them any more because they just get dirty and chipped anyway. In an attempt to grow and strengthen my nails, I have recently started using this product, but I must admit I have seen little change in the quality of my nails. The only improvement is that, as promised, the product does prevent my nails from peeling. But 50% stronger nails in 3 days?! I think not! There are so many Sally Hansen products that I find choosing the right one to be over whelming. So if you have any recommendations on strengtheners and lengtheners that really work, please let me know!

Soap & Glory, Bright Here Bright Now Instant- Radiance Energy Balm (£9.00)
I think this product may have been repackaged, as I can only find it in a pink and white bottle on the website. However, I love this stuff! The product can be used as a moisturiser or mixed in with your make up. I opt to treat it as a moisturiser. The balm-like texture means my make-up sits beautifully on top of the product and it prevents my brushes from tugging at my skin, as they just glide over the product. It leaves my skin looking dewy and highlighted under my foundation and helps prevent it from looking 'cakey'. If you're looking for a quick and easy radiance boost, I'd definitely recommend this!

Lucas' Papaw Ointment
All the way from Australia! They say that 1 in 5 Australians will have a tube of this stuff in their hands and I can now see why! If, like me, you have ever seen someone with this mighty red tube in their hand and thought 'what on earth is that', well let me explain… Described as being 'a local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash'. This stuff doesn't sound too glamorous, but when used on the lips it is an absolute dream! Working in a outdoor restaurant in the middle of the British winter means I have extremely dry lips! I have tried numerous products such as blistex, vaseline and nivea but I think my lips become dependant on the product, in turn making them worse. It was only when my friend from Australia brought this stuff back for me that I was reunited with my soft lips! I'm not sure if you can buy this product in the UK, but have any of you tried it?

Well guys, there you have it! Another ridiculously long post from me! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I didn't send you to sleep :)
Please leave a comment if you have tried any of the products that are featured in my make-up routine. Did you love them as much as I do?

Until next time, xo

Friday 17 January 2014

How to Write a Fashion Personal Statement

Fashion courses are notoriously competitive, and having been declined from London College of Fashion on my first application, I know more than most, the true importance of the personal statement. 

I'm guessing this will be a mammoth post as I have a lot I want to put across to you. However, I hope it helps at least one person! I know I could have done with more guidance when I was writing my personal statement- people don't consider fashion as an 'academic' subject, and therefore helpful tools seem to be few and far between!

Three years ago, I was living in the Cayman Islands and studying for my A Levels. I had applied for fashion courses at London College of Fashion, London Met and the University of Manchester. Much to my dismay, my application at London College of Fashion was declined. 

It was only two years later, when applying again that I really began to understand their reasoning behind not offering me an interview first time around.

Originally, I was a typical young, lover of clothes that had a little dream to study fashion. My personal statement was full of cliche lines such as 'as a child I would always be found flicking through the pages of vogue' LIES 'my favourite designer brand is Chanel' LIES 'I love shopping and act as a personal stylist to friends' HALF LIE. Now, how many times do you think the tutors read lines like this each year? I must have sold myself as a ditsy, giddy teenager that loves pretty dresses!

It was upon the second time of applying that I realised the need for a unique, inspired and quirky personal statement. I had done a lot of growing up within the two year gap between applications and I truly feel that my mature attitude is what sealed the deal for my place at LCF.

Side note: the majority of the people on my course are much older than that of someone who has just finished A Levels. I think this highlights LCF's desire to accept students with a mature appreciation of fashion as an industry. 

And on that note, this leads me nicely on to my first step in writing a fashion personal statement:

1. Ensure you are writing and thinking with a high level of maturity.
For my second personal statement, I swapped the cliche lines listed above for unique ones that truly reflected me as a person, and not that of a 'typical fashion student'. Below is a list of some of the best lines within the statement:

"Some people claim to have a 'passion for fashion'. But my desire to work in the fashion industry is more...

The Times newspaper actually released an article in which tutors at LCF gave guidelines on how to write a fashion personal statement. One tutor explicitly said, "avoid saying things such as 'I have a passion for fashion'". After reading the article, I wanted to pick up on this in my personal statement as it shows a keen interest and thorough research in the university.

"London was an obvious first choice as my place of study because…"

Obviously, avoid stating this if you have applied to other University's that aren't located in London. But picking up on the surroundings of the university is a good point to add because it shows a keen interest in the lifestyle change that you are about to undertake by leaving your family home to head to university alone.

"Keeping up-to-date with fashion is important and I do this by…"

Avoid stating boring generic answers here like 'reading vogue', you need to demonstrate a deeper interest in fashion. A person who couldn't care less about fashion could write about vogue- its so generic! Instead, list blogs you genuinely read (whether they have one follower or a million) and subscribe to true fashion websites such as drapers.

"My interest in fashion peaked when…"Now is where you really need to get your thinking cap on! Especially if, like me, you haven't come from a particularly fashion focused background. Here, I chose to talk about the extensive travelling I'd done and the varying street styles I was exposed to. Remember to think outside of the box- an event that isn't fashion related can still be linked back to your desire to work in the industry. If you're really struggling, it might be a good idea to arrange some voluntary work, even if it's just in a local charity shop selling clothes! After all, the fashion industry is ALL about experience and contacts.

"During my studies I have gained skills in…" "I have also gained skills in my job as…"Like I said earlier, tutors reading your personal statement won't expect your whole life to have been fashion related- it's up to you to relate real events in your life to skills you will need at university. Think of general skills that will be needed in any course such as time management skills, being able to work as a team, being confident etc. State qualities that are true of your personality because if (when) you are called for an interview, you will be expected to demonstrate and talk about them!

2. Sell yourself!
There is no doubt that the hardest part of writing a personal statement is having to talk about yourself in a positive manner. It is all too easy for us to list the great things about our friends and family, but when faced with the task of talking about ourselves- we all become so modest! Well, modesty aside my friend! This is your ONE chance to shine, and to kick the butt of the other 3,000+ people applying for your course! If you're really struggling, ask friends, family and teachers to list your positive attributes, then take that list and try to link the qualities to one of your achievements. For example, "being a confident person means that I am often chosen to lead group discussions during class." There, that wasn't so hard now was it?

3. Be original.
I have already emphasised the need for a personal statements that avoids cliches at all costs. However, in being original you do need to ensure that your work is indeed, your work. UCAS are not messing around with all their warnings about plagiarism. Believe me, I know a friend who used my personal statement as 'guidance' and was ever more painted as a cheat by UCAS! Searching the internet for blogs like these for inspiration is all well and good, but please do ensure that inspiration is all you are using them for! That being said is the reason why above I only included part sentences from my personal statement- in the hope that it will get your creative juices flowing rather than you simply copying and pasting something that I have already submitted.

4. Demonstrate a true appreciation for fashion as an industry.
Each year, tutors much read statement after statement where potential students simply list their love for clothes and shopping. What tutors really want to see is a true understanding that fashion isn't all about glamour, and that in fact a huge amount of hard work goes into all aspects of the industry! It is not, however, enough to simply state this- you need to say how and why you have come to appreciate the fashion industry.

I am now sat here (on the bus) searching the deepest corners of my brain for any other inspiring guidance I can offer, but I think I am finally done rambling! I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and that it was helpful. If you need more advice or wish to send me your personal statement for review please feel free to email me on:

Until next time, xo

Thursday 9 January 2014


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