Friday, 4 October 2013

Where to start?

Being new to the 'blogging scene' has (naturally) caused some apprehensions as to what the heck to write about?!

So, after much deliberation, and asking myself 'why did you want to start this blog?' I have devised a plan!

Here it goes...

For just over a year, I have been regularly reading beauty and fashion blogs and always fancied starting one myself, but with little to write about, I decided against it. Recently however, a number of new and exciting events have taken place in my life! I have just taken the plunge and have moved from my cosy little town in the north to big, bad London. The reason behind the move is exciting event number two: I am (at long last) a new student at London College of Fashion.

I'm thinking new move, new city, new university course could make for some pretty interesting reading?! Stay tuned...

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